Truck EWP’s for hire

There are two options available to hire one of our Truck EWP’s (aka Travel Towers)

Dry hire or Wet Hire

What is dry hire?

Dry hire is where you provide your own fully trained and qualified driver/operator. This person must hold both a High Risk Work (HRW) licence and a MR or HV driving licence.

Personal safety and correct vehicle management is of paramount importance therefore it is in both parties interest that a short familiarisation session is completed to ensure the operator is confident in the tower operation before leaving our depot which will require sign off.

The vehicle will need to be picked up and returned to our depot by the agreed date and in the same condition in which it was provided to you. During the hire period the entire operation and management of the travel tower will be your responsibility.

A full check will be conducted of the entire plant for any existing damage to the vehicle and make sure that all on board safety equipment is working order. Once again the driver/operator shall sign off on this inspection.

Dry Hire rates are based on weekly/monthly or quarterly hire periods.

What is wet hire?

Wet hire is where you WE provide a fully trained and qualified driver/operator for you who will arrive on site with the travel tower and handle all set up and operation of the tower. This option allows you to carry out your task knowing that a competent operator is handling everything else.

No training is required for the Wet hire option.

Wet Hire rates are based on a 4 hour minimum hire up to daily/weekly/monthly or longer terms.


Hire rate for both Dry & Wet Hire Travel Towers are available upon request.

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