About Mobile Tower Hire

Our business model is very simple.

We have insulated Bucket Trucks, Travel Towers, Cherry Pickers, Truck EWP’s, Boom Trucks, which are all really the same thing.

If you have a job which requires you to work at height and doing it safely is important to you then call us. We will arrive on site, isolate the area, set the truck up then elevate you into position so you can complete your task.

Then we will drive away!

You don’t need to go to a hire company and pick up a trailer boom you are unsure will do the job, and you don’t need to hire us for the full day as hourly rates are available.

What are you waiting for?



What makes us different

  • We come to you anytime day or night
  • We provide an operator on every hire
  • We assess the site for safety hazards before the job commences
  • We can arrange permits and traffic management
  • We have hourly rates so no need to book for the day
  • Our trucks are safe, clean & compliant

Safe elevation for

Lighting & all electrical work

NBN, 5G and all communications work

Elevated time lapse video & photography


Building maintenance

Restaurant exhaust fan cleaning


Building inspections

What our client’s say

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