Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne

All of our elevated work platforms (EWP’s) and operators are insured, accredited and comply with National Industry standards

  • Cherry Pickers with working heights from 6 – 47 metres
  • Up to 18 metres sideways reach
  • Bucket loads up to 400kg (includes two people, tools and equipment)
  • Compact trucks for narrow driveways and areas with limited space available
  • Low clearance trucks at 3.5 metres high
  • Both High and Low voltage jobs accepted
  • Working buckets with hydraulic access for power tool use

Mobile Tower Hire uses truck mounted Cherry Pickers which we deliver on site and operate for you, meaning either yourself or your tradesman put on a harness which we supply, jump in the bucket, secure the harness and then we elevate them to whatever height they need to work then bring them down safely.

This eliminates the need for our clients to obtain a  ‘High Risk Work Licences’ or permits to complete their tasks, they can concentrate on the job at hand and leave everything else to Mobile Tower Hires lift operators.

While typically used in assisting with signage installations, recreational lighting installation/maintenance, building maintenance and awning installation, cherry pickers are also used for tree services, pressure cleaning and by the home handyman for any type of task at height.

The benefit of using Mobile Tower Hires truck mounted cherry pickers over other types of elevated work platforms such as scissor lifts is that scissor lifts are normally hired for the full day and delivered to a specific location and are not mobile.

In addition to this you need a capable licensed operator to operate it while trying to perform the job and they will only go up to about 9 metres high and have no sideways reach at all which limits there effectiveness.

In comparison a Cherry Picker hire from Mobile Tower Hire follows you from job to job all day if you like, you don’t need to hold a HRW licence, you don’t need harnesses as we provide them. Our trucks also have a sideways reach of up to 17 metres which allows us to reach some extremely challenging areas when needed and we can exceed heights of 40+ metres so you are not restricted in any way.

Truck mounted Cherry Pickers hire in Melbourne are also far more stable therefore safer than scissor lifts as each truck has stabiliser legs which are raised taking the weight off the truck itself. Scissor Lifts offer a lot of swaying movement as they are supported by a very small and narrow footprint of the lift itself.

Remember to think of us for your Cherry Picker hire in Melbourne.

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  • Police checked
  • Working with Children
  • Construction White Card
  • High Risk Work Licence
  • Working Safely at Height
  • EWP Rescue
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Perform Pole Top  Rescue
  • NBN Accredited
  • Working Safely Near Power & Electrical Apparatus
  • Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace